About Cinto Robot Systems

Cinto Robot Systems Ltd. is a China based manufacturing automation solution provider. As part of HARDEN group, Cinto supplies robotic arms and grippers for the applications of sheet metal stamping and aluminium die casting production automations. At Cinto we can utilize automated cellular technology to produce your part by deploying our robotic arm to automate the movement of the pieces between machines and stacking docks. From integrating one or more machine stamping/casting processes to developing fully automated part handling systems, Cinto offers comprehensive solutions to the demands of today’s fast-paced manufacturing environment. Cycle times for the production of the parts can be drastically reduced by using our automation robotic systems.

All Cinto robot arms equipment PLC-based controllers to give our customers a superior control and reliability.  Cinto‘s state-of-the-art control systems provide an assortment of machine interface options and diagnostic capabilities to keep your operation at peak performance.  Designed with your production process and budget in mind, Cinto’s controllers can be easily retrofitted to your existing equipment.

Cinto also design sophisticated automation systems and integrate world famous robots to the manufacturing production lines.